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Our Mission





  Our Mission

 At Meraki, we are committed to a high level of health and safety in our products that exceeds well beyond the legal standard in the United States.

Our award-winning products redefine hair care and scalp health by merging the power of ethnobotany and holistic wellness rituals.

Our passion is crafting hair care products that prioritize your well-being. Our formulations feature Fair Trade botanicals that nourish and repair your hair and scalp, creating an optimal environment for sustainable growth. Our formulas are then elevated by infusing gemstones and crystals into each product, according to their energetic healing properties.
Additionally, our products are free of Parabens, sulfates, formaldehydes, phthalates, DEA, petrochemicals, byproducts, artificial dyes and synthetic fragrances. These toxic endocrine disrupting chemicals are typically found in hair care and cosmetic products marketed to black women and children and are directly linked to cancer, fibroids, hormonal imbalances and early puberty in young girls.

All of our products have been verified by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics (CSC), Breast Cancer Prevention Partners (BCPP), and an advisory committee of leading scientists and NGOs working to improve women’s health and the health concerns that disproportionately impact Black women.

Learn about the top ingredients and contaminants to avoid and the types of products they’re found in below.

Toxic Ingredient Red List



  “At Meraki we believe that every dollar we spend contributes to weaving the world that we want to live in, - one that we are proud to leave to our children and future generations." 

  • We believe that loving yourself fully starts from the inside.

  • We support fair trade because they ensure fair wages for a day’s work in marginalized and often rural communities in developing countries all over the world. It affords people the chance to send another child to school, to make vital home repairs in the face of adverse weather conditions, or to build or buy infrastructure and supplies.


  •   We vow never to use: Parabens, sulfates, formaldehydes, phthalates, DEA, petrochemical, byproducts, artificial dyes and synthetic fragrance.
    • We believe making the switch to plant-based products as much as possible, is ultimately more environmentally sustainable, better for human health and produces superior beauty results.

    • We are committed to a Vegan & Cruelty-Free ingredients and formulas. We never test on animals testing or make use of animal byproduct. 

    • We utilize Fair Trade ingredients in our formulations which contribute to the growth and empowerment of women and children in marginalized communities.

    • We support organic farmers all over the world. Organic farming restores the topsoil, preserves human and ecological health and minimizes bee colony disruption. All of this is critical to maintaining our food supply in the best possible way.

    • Our product packaging is recyclable and reusable.

    • We have committed to Carbon neutral shipping which reduces our carbon footprint In partnership with Sendle and The Paradigm project that distributes more efficient stoves and clean water technologies to Kenyan communities. requiring less wood fuel to cook, purify water supplies, and less pressures on the surrounding forests.

    • We believe in a holistic approach to beauty, one  that elevates the essence of your pure authentic beauty.




Meraki was founded in 2019 by Amber Makupson, as a labor of self-love, self-care and dedication to wellness.

A native of Ohio, Amber grew up valuing her hair care routine. Amber settled in Atlanta, Georgia at a young age. During the pregnancy of her daughter Amber took on a healthy and holistic lifestyle making her own natural remedies and beauty products.

 After suffering 2nd degree chemical burns on her face from an over-the-counter beauty product shortly after giving birth to her daughter. Amber began researching the ingredients in beauty products extensively. "Beauty products marketed to Black women often contain the most toxic ingredients used by the cosmetics industry, including chemicals linked to breast, ovarian cancer, uterine fibroids, reproductive harm, early puberty in young girls and much more. Additionally due to the lack of regulation in the cosmetics industry studies have found that 70% of toxic ingredients are not disclosed on the label." 

Amber was fed up with the toxic ingredients damaging so many women, specifically women of color she utilized her knowledge and skills as a trained aesthetician and herbalist to design a line of award winning, non-toxic holistic hair care products formulated with nutrient-rich, fair-trade, Ayurvedic ingredients for all hair textures to nourish your scalp and sustain hair growth.

In addition to her love for crystals and passion for holistic healing, Amber matches crystals and gemstones in her products based on their energetic healing properties a tradition inspired by ancient Egyptians to promote beauty and wellbeing.

“Meraki for me was created around the idea of self love, finding my passion for life, and being fearless in the pursuit of the things that set your soul on fire.


The word “Meraki"  is a Greek word that means to do something with love, soul and creativity - to put the essence of yourself in your work. So essentially my brand combines haircare and wellness, to form high vibrational products that nourish your mind, body, hair, and soul.”

With Love,