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Organic Bamboo Extract benefits for your hair!

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Organic Bamboo Extract benefits for your hair!





Did you know? We utilize Organic Bamboo extract in our formulation in Our Agave Citrine Pre-Shampoo mask, Amethyst Curl Primer, Quartz Conditioner and our Amethyst Shampoo

Bambusa Bamboo, or Giant Thorny Bamboo, is known to be one of the fastest growing plants in the world with a tensile strength to match that of steel. The bamboo grows in humid tropical climates where the plants can reach a height of 20-30m. Its culms are used for house construction, scaffolding, furniture, cooking utensils and fencing. Shoots and seeds are edible and leaves are used in medicine. As such bamboo has rapidly been accepted as a natural material pioneering the concept of sustainability throughout many industries including that of personal care.


Bamboo also serves as a natural source of silica. Although the function of silica in bamboo is unclear, researchers postulate that silica provides structural support for the plant. Deposits occur in the form of hydrated amorphous silica that forms through the polymerisation of monosilicic acid, which is absorbed by the bamboo roots. The biosilicate isolated from bamboo has typically been used in supplements targeted for the treatment of arthritis. Today, we are looking to transfer this sustainable source of bio-silicate into the hair care market utilizing its natural properties to seal, protect and condition each hair strand.

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