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Detangling Your Hair without Breakage

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Detangling Your Hair without Breakage

High manipulation styles, excessive touching, combing, and even weather can cause breakage. Use low manipulation or protective styles to give your hair a break from styles and environments that can cause breakage. Use gentle wide-toothed combs for detangling, and adopt a routine that is gentle on your hair through the night.

You might be tempted to avoid detangling because you've noticed combs (and even your fingers) causing breakage. Detangling can cause breakage, especially if you tug too hard or detangle when your hair is dry. However, if you don’t detangle often enough, your tangles will get worse and cause much more breakage when you finally do detangle. As long as you comb slowly, patiently, and regularly.

Undernourished hair is less elastic and breaks more easily. Make sure your hair gets the protein and nutrients it needs to stay strong. For some naturals with weaker hair, protein treatments are a good way to keep your hair nourished, but you also need to eat healthy, nutritious foods to keep your hair (and your body) healthy. Most hair products contain damaging ingredients that dry out your hair and make it less elastic.

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