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4 Benefits of Wearing Crystal Healing Jewelry With Crystal Expert Andrea Di Paolo

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4 Benefits of Wearing Crystal Healing Jewelry With Crystal Expert Andrea Di Paolo
  • What is healing crystal Jewelry?
Crystal Healing Jewelry is a piece of jewelry that typically made with/from natural gemstones. The setting is typically made of various metals. Whether the gem is touching the skin or set above this barrier, this type of jewelry is typically charged with intention and it also naturally carries the frequencies of stone and metal which was used in creating the piece. Metal can also be related to alchemy and contains supportive energy. The jewelry itself emits a frequency which interacts with the energetic field of a person through our emotional or physical bodies. The transmission of this frequency supports overall environmental and emotional wellness.
How did you get started with making healing crystal Jewelry?
My name is Andrea Di Paolo! My love for jewelry started in 2018, when I first entered the gemstone world. My true love for "healing" jewelry came in 2014 when I discovered my love for craftsmanship and metal met the healing realm. In 2014 I started playing with designs that would be considered healing crystal jewelry. From there, two years later, I launched Quartz & Canary. Many years prior to that when I was 18, I went into the jewelry business. Needless to say my love for anything gemstone has been around for 15 + years. Everything I know I learned on my own. Whether it was jewelry technologies or gemstone healing. Almost 8 years ago I realized my purpose was to create something much higher than I thought!
What is your favorite crystal and what makes it your favorite? 
Citrine is by far my favorite stone. Natural Citrine, of course. I love the fact it doesn't need to be charged. I also enjoy that it really is unknown for its mood boosting powers. As an energy worker or healer myself, I find that we are 
susceptible to others moods, energies and vibrations. It keeps me always feeling uplifted. I also enjoy its entrepreneurial benefits, business motivation and luck. It really is a well rounded gem that balances all if not (debatable) most of the chakras. I find, it controls our solar pelxus, which harnesses control and power - this center, when balanced, does wonders for a person! I also really believe jade is a fantastic stone that everyone should own or at least attempt to investigate once. Its benefits are HUGE! Let's just say it does everything you really need it to. It's an all around "help me with it all" stone. 

Can you please give us 4 benefits of wearing healing crystal jewelry?
1) Emotionally supports and uplifts us. As a believer in even the placebo affect, I believe wearing sacred jewelry and genuine stones works with our field to best support our emotional wellbeing. Even if you just believe it's doing well for you, that's all you really need. Because it WILL work!
2),Meditation! It really works well with our meditation practice or wellness practice. It supports our bodies and minds as we participate in these rituals daily. I find they interact with our field more so and impact these practices greatly. 

3) Enclothed cognition is an actual phenomena that happens when you LOOK better and FEEL better you do BETTER! It is the science of presenting oneself in the highest regard. Basically look your best, because when that happens your energy shifts. From a style aspect it DOES change your frequency. It's a natural human experience that I believe is somewhat undermined. The feeling we get from being put together and looking spectacular is important.
4) Physical health. Although we cover a lot of the emotional and spiritual aspects... emotions are tied to physical health and we can see the benefits of these pieces by how our body even changes with their usage. Its a beautiful reaction I've seen throughout my crystal healing career. People feel a difference on a cellular level. 
Is there anything else we should know when purchasing the perfect healing crystal jewelry?
Yes, feel don't think. Allow that feeling you've been really looking to correct, send love to, hone in on - to come to you and offer you something fantastic. Allow that energy to move you towards the right piece. You'll know where you should wear the piece or which stone is best for you. Further, on the technical side, make sure the pieces are precious and natural in nature. It's best to shop where the person/store has JEWELRY experience. Gemological knowledge is as important as anything else when purchasing natural and sacred crystal jewelry. Don't discount the technical aspects when shopping for a piece as well. 
Where can we purchase your beautiful healing crystal jewelry collections?
We are an online store. : !  (Aura Soul & Self Care) if you're looking to see the collection near you.  
Find us on IG/TIKTOK/FB @quartzandcanary !

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